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Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Page title

Title is important. Place important keywords on your page title, and try to have different one for each page. I’ve seen sites with same title for every pages. While it gives stronger branding for the site name, that’s something I can do without rather than sacrificing my sub-pages traffic.

Limit your page title to 80 characters the most. Shorter page title means higher importance on each word.


Keyword and description meta-tags

These two popular meta-tags used to be most useful search engine optimization techniques, until they are abused by the search engine spammers. Even then, they are still holding some importance today, specially the description meta-tags.

Meta description tag is used by some search engine in displaying the result page, and by other search engines to determine the relevance of your page.

Limit your page description to 200 characters the most. Put a descriptive, gramatically correct, meaningful sentence for best result


Body text

Next to a good title, this is the next most important on-page optimization you can do to bring more visitors to your website.

Most important thing you must remember here is this: you should write for your users first, search engine second. Write in natural, easy to understand language. The reason here is that if you write just for search engine, even if you can rank high up, your visitors will close your page as soon as they find out that your site contain nothing but junk.


Regular content

SEO or not, this is important. Regularly updated content will draw visitors and search engine alike. But don’t put content just for the sake of it. Contents copied from other site, for instance, not only doesn’t help in search engine ranking, but can even get you penalized.

Write original, useful contents that make your visitors want to come back and recommend to their friends. You will get repeat visitors that way, regardless of search engine traffic.



Link popularity is a way most search engines determine the importance of your site. When a website link to your site, search engines takes it as a vote for your website. In the past few years, this has greatly helped search engines getting the most relevant result for users. The most important thing to remember here is the quality of the backlinks. For example Ohio Web Designs will only exchange links with our clients and only well respected Internet related organizations.


Again Ohio Web Designs is here for you, we will apply every “white hat” search engine optimization technique that really works in getting your organization ranked as high as possible for your desired search terms in all of the major search engines.


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